Live Food Stations

Our Live Food Stations are a fun way to engage and feed your guests. Chefs cook meals to order creating a relaxed and interactive amosphere, giving guests something to talk about!

Great for outdoor events, our Live Food Stations will turn your party into a festival! Choose from fried chicken, fish and chips, paella, build your own burgers or tacos, fresh crepes, and many more. Our Live Food Stations are perfect for kids birthday parties, corporate events, themed functions and more. We come with all the ingredients and cooking equipment, then our chefs will cook the food to order right in front of your guests. Don’t worry if you don’t see the thing you want, as we can come up with something totally bespoke just for you. Prices vary depending on the number of guests, number of stations. Get in touch today to find out more.

The Slider Bar

Who doesn’t love a good burger?! Menu options include Classic Cheeseburgers, our smokey Pulled Pork, Portuguese Chicken, and more. Includes soft brioche rolls, and all the sides and sauces you would find on a good burger. Cooked fresh by our chef and put between the buns by your guests.

Taco & Burrito Bar

Turn your event into a Mexican fiesta with our Taco & Burrito Bar. Options include crispy fish, lamb barbacoa, chipotle pulled pork, black beans, and more. We can include flour and corn tortillas, all the toppings, and a range of hot sauces from mild to mind blowing!

Pasta Bar

Choose your favourite sauces and pastas from our Pasta Canape menu, and our chefs will combine them in front of your guests. Includes freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Fish & Chip Station

Crispy beer battered fish, and french fries cooked to order in our portable deep friers. Served in a cone or box with lemon wedges and tartare sauce.

Dumpling Station

Dumplings are a Shared Affair favourite. We love going to Yum Cha and picking baskets of our favourite dim sum from the trolley, so we’ve recreated the experience for you and your guests. Pick your favourite dumplings from our extensive range, and our chefs will cook them fresh in big stacks of steamer baskets for your guests to drool over. We supply all the condiments including soy, chilli, vinegar and more, as well as plates and chopsticks. You just bring your appetite!

Oyster Chucking Station

We start with a selection of the freshest Sydney Rock and Pacific Oysters from our seafood suppliers, and present them over ice. Our Chefs will then shuck them fresh for your guests, who can enjoy with a spritz of lemon, top with a mignonette, or even add a few pearls of finger lime caviar. 

Souvlaki Bar

Choose your meats – Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Beef or a combination of all – then our chefs will cook them on a portable grill for your guests. We supply the fresh pita breads, and a range of fillings, from homous and taztziki, to greek salad and hot chips, your guests just have to wrap them up!

Giant Paella

This was one of the first things we cooked at an event, and something we became famous for! We have 3 giant pans ranging in size from 1m to almost 2m, to cater for all event sizes. Prepared live on site, we start by cooking your choice of protein – seafood, chicken or vegetarian – in our secret flavour paste. Then we add in traditional bomba rice, and fresh stock and let it bubble away until the rice is tender. Served with housemade aioli, fresh parsley and lemon wedges.

Crepe Station

Perfect for any meal, our crepes are cooked fresh to order ensuring every one is hot and ready to eat. Guests can select from a wide variety of fillings including fresh fruit and berries, Nutella, Biscoff spread, whipped cream and more. Rather a savoury option? Get in touch today to discuss how we can customise our Crepe Station to suit your event.

NY Style Hot Dog Stand

Our cute mini Hot Dogs are the perfect addition to your kid’s birthday or sports themed event. Mini pork and beef franks served in mini brioche hot dog rolls, with all the toppings and condiments you can think of – cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, gherkin relish and more. Keep it classic with just ketchup and mustard, drag it through the garden Chicago style, or load it up with a mountain of our hosemade Chili Con Carne!

Loaded Pie Stand

In honour of Sydney’s famous late-night pie cart, our Loaded Pie stand is perfect for that late night soaker. It all starts with our delicious pies. Choose from classic beef, chicken and leek, lamb and rosemary, or even our humble roast veggie pie. Then your guests can add whatever they like from the selection of included toppings – mushy peas, buttery mash, our famous gravy, or Chilli Con Carne.