Mason Jars

$15 Each – Minimum 20 per choice

Tiramisu ~ Espresso and Kahlua soaked sponge,marsacapone cream, espresso mousse,

chocolate chips andtoffee coated Vienna almonds


Lemon Meringue Pie ~ Limoncello soaked sponge, lemon curd, marscarpone cream,

meringue and lemon Persian fairyfloss


The Campfire ~ Chocolate mouse, toasted marshmallows, shortbread, fresh

strawberries and chocolate fudge sauce


The Pav ~ Meringue, whipped cream, passionfruit curd, raspberry coulis and

fresh strawberries


Jaffa ~ Chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate orange mousse, whipped cream

and crumbled Jaffas


Apple and blueberry pie ~ Vanilla sponge, blueberry compote, whipped cinnamon

cream, stewed apples, shortbread crumb


Banoffee ~ Caramel fudge brownie, fresh banana, whipped cream, salted

caramel sauce and peanut brittle


Pina Colada ~ Coconut macaroons, fresh mango, rum soaked sponge,

coconut mouse and fresh passionfruit


The Wimbledon ~ White chocolate fudge brownie, strawberry coulis,

whipped cream, fresh strawberries white chocolate shavings


Bugs Bunny ~ Carrot cake, cream cheese and mascarpone mousse,

toffee glazed walnuts and candied julienne carrot


All Cadbury ~ Chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie,

chocolate ganache, chocolate squares and flake.


Or tell us your favourite dessert and our chef’s will create a

customised mason jar concoction just for you!