How are we paying you?

If you’re with a staffing agency or already part of the Shared Affair team using Xero or ABN for payments, no further action is required.

Step 1: Deputy Registration

For any staff member who has not worked for Shared Affair, or has not joined our team in Deputy, we need to have you registered into our rostering app.

Please click on the button below, to start your registration or join our team in Deputy.

Step 2: Payroll or ABN

We pay our staff through either Payroll or through ABN.

If you are choosing payroll, once you have been added to Deputy and approved, you will also be asked to complete a Onboarding form.
If this is not done, we may have issues paying you.

Payroll - Xero

Pays will be sent on Tuesday 14th November, 2023

The Onboarding Form will be sent once you have registered in Deputy

Please ensure ALL your details are correct and current before submitting the onboarding form.

ABN - Invoice

All invoices need to be submitted by Wednesday 15th November 2023, to

All invoices will be paid on Thursday 16th November 2023

Staffing Agency

Your staffing agency or contact will be able to manage your payments.

Please check-in with your supervisor, in your allocated section, on the day when you start & finish.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Michael on 0402 129 034 or email